Harbour front center (Toronto Canada )


A Sense of Place is a strong feeling of attachment to a particular location. It comes from the experiences one has there and the internal images developed about the location. When people feel they belong to a neighbourhood or a city, they are willing to make extra efforts to take care of it. This naturally leads to better stewardship for the local environment and also more care for people there. The culture and history of an area contribute to Sense of Place. So do its built and natural landmarks. 

This is the case with Harbourfront Centre, which is a popular destination and even a “second home” for some. It is also a fine example of “placemaking” (creating a Sense of Place). With activities based on walking, Harbourfront Centre emphasises sustainability. 

Description Harbourfront Centre is a 4 hectares (10 acre) site, with a magnificent view of Lake Ontario that hosts over 4000 events per year. As a multi-use public space, it showcases Canada’s creative cultures to the world, and attracts over 17 million visitors annually. It can enliven, educate and entertain a diverse audience. The restored industrial buildings of Harbourfront Centre provide a spacious campus-like site, and house theatres, a gallery, craft studios and other facilities. Outdoors, there are boardwalks, marinas, plazas, playgrounds, stages and displays, as well as a pond for paddleboats which becomes a rink in the winter. 

What to see and do here You can come here simply to walk around and enjoy the ambiance, as many do. There are also shops, galleries, restaurants, and play areas for children. Visit an artist-in-residence, go to a World Stage contemporary performance, or attend one of the very many other festivals and events at Harbourfront Centre. 

Many events are free or subsidized to make them accessible. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience world-class theatre, dance, visual arts, music, literature and multidisciplinary cultural events in the heart of Toronto’s downtown waterfront 

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