Start of tesla Motors

 In June 2012, the company Tesla Motors began delivering Tesla S model (sedan). This model saved
the company, which was on the verge of collapse. Unlike Roadster, which is a sporty two-seater,
Model S is a luxurious car for the whole family. The basic price of the Model S in the US market is
about 60 thousand dollars, and this year they plan to deliver five thousand cars.
The basic model comes with batteries that allow a range of up to 258 kilometres, but Tesla Motors
also offers batteries of greater capacity that allow this model to have a range of up to 370 and
even up to 483 kilometres.
Tesla Superchargers are fast-charging stations placed on traffic routes in North America. 

only six stations are active, but the plan is to have about a hundred of them by 2015. They are
designed to fill about a half of the battery capacity in half an hour. This is additional 240
kilometres. These rapid charging stations are located in places where you would otherwise want to
stop: near restaurants, cafes and shopping centres. In many places, solar cells are put on the roof
of the charging stations so the electricity is produced from renewable energy sources.

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