Nissan and Mitsubishi trial into electric cars


Nissan Leaf, presented on the Japanese and American market in December 2010, became the first
modern all-electric car with zero tailpipe emissions that will be in mass production. According to
Nissan, Leaf has a range of 160 kilometres. By December 2011, Leaf was delivered to France,
Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain. Since its launch
on the markets in December 2010 by the end of 2012 more than 30,000 Leafs were sold
worldwide. Nissan Leaf has thus become the best-selling electric car in the world.
Picture: Nissan Leaf
Renault has turned its focus exclusively on the new generation of electric cars, skipping any intermediate
step with possible hybrid models. This may be a risky move considering that the future of electric cars is
still uncertain, and the number of sold hybrid cars is still increasing every day. But the way chosen by
Renault is good as it does not distort the image created, and the concentration and coordination of the
group that leads to a single goal in the future may mean the car market leader, in front of all who
experimented with both hybrids and electric cars in their fleets. In 2011 the commercialization of serial
electric vehicles Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E., Twizy Z.E., and in 2012 also of the Zoe Z.E. model started.

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