McKinsey, 2020 15 Fleet Management Systems or a FMS Electric cars

 McKinsey reported in mid 2020 that EV sales rose 65% from 2017 to
2018, but grew only 9% the following year in 2019. EV sales then
declined 25% in the first quarter of 2020.* Though some of this can
be attributed to the global COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt
that overall, vehicle ownership growth is starting to wane.
This points to a growing trend among the current generation of
drivers and passengers to utilize mobility services and subscriptions
rather than purchase a personal vehicle. The concept of MaaS is not
a new one, but as transportation trends move outside of the
traditional ICE vehicle, more and more companies have begun to
research how mobility services can be electrified.
The move to electric MaaS business models also stems from policy. 

More states, regions, and even countries are mandating the ban of
ICE vehicles, putting pressure on manufacturers to produce more
zero emissions vehicles and services to evolve with new regulations.
A major selling point of the MaaS business model is that the entire
service is run from a unified platform, allowing for a seamless
management platform for
the service operator, and a
convenient user interface and
payment platform for the
Many of these mobility service
platforms are managed by a

 *McKinsey, 2020
Fleet Management Systems or a FMS.
While for the average passenger, getting a ride through a mobility
service may seem like a simple action, in reality, multiple players
and data exchanges are underway. When you add security
measures and payment/charges to the mix, for a seamless service
experience, a unified system is necessary.
This is where the FMS comes in. The FMS can collect vehicle data,
analyze said data, and then deliver the diagnostics to the service
operator so that they are able to more efficiently run their business
operations. It can handle the payment options, ensure also that
certificates from all entities are verified, and that all functions are
Fleet management solution demand has grown significantly in the
past few years precisely because of the expansion of the mobility
ecosystem. Cars will continue to evolve using alternative fuels, even
becoming increasingly autonomous - and Mobility-as-a-Service is
sure to follow along.

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