joyment of electric cars and its future

 When Anderson conceptualized the electric vehicle in the 1830s,
perhaps he was simply trying to come up with an efficient
transportation method. However, now in the 21st century, the EV
has become much more than mere transportation. A rolling
connected, fuel-efficient, emissions-free device, an EV is also a
moving, navigating Internet device. Essentially, the EV is a
supercomputer on wheels. As autonomous technology continues
to develop,

 EVs will only become more efficient and widespread.
EVs will also become smarter due to the sheer amount of data
going through its internal systems. Securing this data and
information will be one of the biggest hurdles the industry will face
in the coming years.
Regulations for stricter standards and approval processes for
cybersecurity management in vehicles is already underway, and it
may just be a matter of time before it begins to apply to charge
points as well as mobility operators.

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