eDestinations and their issues

Destinations are amalgams of tourism products, facilities and services which
compose the total tourism expertise under one brand name. Traditionally the planning,
management and coordination functions of destinations have been undertaken by either the
public sector (at national, regional or local level) or by partnerships between stakeholders
of the local tourism industry.
The screen shot (Figure) is the e-destination webpage that displays the information
on various parts of the world and the tourism attraction and travel information for the
travellers across the world.
Example of e-destination
Though communication and information technology were never considered as a
critical instrument for the development and management of destinations, increasingly
‘Regional tourism Organisation’ (RTOs) use ICTs in order to facilitate the tourist experience

 during and after the visit, as well as for coordinating all partners involved in the
production and delivery of tourism. Thus, not only do RTOs attempt to provide information
and accept reservations for local enterprises as well as coordinate their facilities, but they
also utilise communication technology to promote their tourism policy, coordinate their
operational functions, increase the expenditure of tourists, and boost the multiplier effects
in the local economy. 

The above web link is the classical example for the e-destination. It is electronic
file in the website of the tourism organisation those promote their destinations online.
The file consists of the details of the locations and attractions of the particular
destination. Though it had a slow start in Indian region, currently there are dynamic
players in the industry those focus on e-destination efforts.
Etoursim-india.com – Example for e destination
The screenshot (Figure) is the e-destination initiatives of the Indian tourism
organisation. It consists of e-brochure and pictures apart from reservations and package
designing provisions that helps the tourism entities to promote their destinations across
the world and also makes it easy for the potential travel to understand and familiar various
aspects of the destination before travelling.

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