safety measures


Safety Measures:
o Fencing of machinery, Work on or
near the machinery in motion,
Prohibition of young persons on
dangerous machines, Striking gear
and devices for cutting off power,
Self acting machines, Casing of new
machineries, Prohibition of
employment of women and children
near cotton openers, Hoists and lifts.
(Ss. 21 to 28 )
 Welfare Measures:
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management – Dr. B.G. Maniar
o Washing, Storing, Drying and Sitting
o First aid box one for every 150
workers; Canteen when there are
more than 250 or more, Shelters and
Rest rooms when 150 or more,
Crèches when 30 or more female
workers and Welfare officer when
there are 500 or more workers are
employed. (Ss.42 to 49)
3.4.4 Working hours, Spread Over,
Overtime, Annual leave with wages
 Weekly hours not more than 48;
 Daily hours not more than 9 hours; 

 Intervals for rest at least ½ hour on
continuous working for 5 hours;
 Rest day one for every six continuous
working day.
 Spread over not more than 10 ½ hours;
 Overlapping of shifts prohibited;
 Extra wages for overtime - double than
normal rate of wages;
 Restrictions on employment of women and
adolescent between 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.; 

 Prohibition of children below 14 years;
 Working hours for children not more than 4
½ hours and rest interval of ½ hour after 2
Legal Aspects of Hospital Management – Dr. B.G. Maniar
½ hours of continuous working, spread over
not more than 5 hours;
 Weekly Overtime not more than 12 hours
and in quarter not to exceed 50 hours;
(Ss. 51 to 54, 56, 59 & 60, 67, 68 & 71)
 A worker having worked for 240 days, he
shall be entitled for annual leave with wages
@ 1 day for every 20 days and child 1 day
for every 15 days.
 Accumulation of this leaves 30 for adult and
40 for child employees, if not allowed to
avail this leave by the employer - no limit
for accumulation.

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