Mathematical algorithm conclusion on Digital currencies - bitcoin in particular

 Conclusions and Future Study
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies cannot be inflated because of the mathematical
algorithms that restrict and track how much currency there is at any given moment in existence. Central banks, as previously mentioned by Ben Bernanke are trying to
purposefully cause inflation. In fact the Fed has a very precise amount of inflation that
they aim for. The Fed wants to cause, on average, 2% inflation every year according to
their website. They feel it's for economic growth, while in reality it's simply destroying
every citizen's purchasing power and lowering their standard of living.
Bitcoin can destroy "too big to fail" and end much of the moral hazard seen on
Wall Street and the big banks because without a Fed to inflate the currency and bailout
banks and companies, it will force financial and economic discipline. When put on a
currency that cannot be manipulated and without a lender of last resort, banks and
companies will actually have answer for over leveraging themselves and making bad
businesses decisions. 

They will be responsible for their losses and no longer be able to
pass it off to tax payers. To stay alive, they will change how they do business. The
economy will strengthen and grow at a natural rate that will promote long term prosperity
because of these changes.
Politicians will have to reel in the debt and cut many of the frivolous government
programs. It extremely doubtful they would attempt raise taxes on Americans to cover aB
the government expenses and even more doubtful that they would borrow enough from
foreign counties to keep up the current level of spending. The government will shrink, its
power weakened because it cannot manipulate the money, peace in the world will
increase because war will be too expensive and too unpopular to afford for any prolonged
period of time. With less government interference in the economy, there will be more
room for private expansion and growth.
World growth and prosperity will increase. Imagine a world where economic
boarders didn't matter in regards to trade and commerce and a world where a currency
difference wouldn't cause excessive complications. Where, thanks to a more globalized
economy, a citizen in America can get rich filling a niche market in China, Pakistan, or
Chili and not deal with as much of the complexity of international business and trade
because bitcoin is the meta-currency that can simplify and expand trade in the world.
Imagine the security of international transaction and the lessening of fraud because
people don't need to wait several business days for checks to clear or payments to be

 Bitcoin can do in a few hours what takes banks several days to do. Imagine the
economic restructuring of the economy when billions upon billions is taken away from
the financial sector for services that don't need to exist anymore and put back into the
pockets of consumer to spend on more goods and services. Image the decimation of
poverty because businesses can more easily pay and hire people in hard to reach
emerging markets of the world since they don't need to go through an international
middle man.
Imagine a currency that can be divided into millionths of a single unit, more
divisible than any other currency in history. A currency that can open the world to a new
age of human progress, happiness, and prosperity. This is the next evolution of money.
This is the future. These are the effects of cryptocurrencies on the banking industry and
monetary policy. It's revolutionary.

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