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Florida Prep Admissions Counselors are often asked “Are you a military school?”  In fact, we are not, but that is not our response. We always choose to probe deeper to ascertain why a parent may be looking for a military school. The answer will generally include the same 4 words: Structure, Accountability, Discipline and Leadership.

Are these attributes available outside a military school?  At Florida Prep we say YES, and we speak from experience; having been a military boarding school from 1961 through to our transition to a College Preparatory Academy in 2015.

Though there will always be a need for military academies, be it for a troubled child or a student seeking to follow a military career, the essential traits of College Prep at Florida Prep allow our students to develop Leadership, Responsibility, Discipline and Accountability in a ‘Learning Focused’ environment, rather than an environment of strict discipline and regimentation.

Students develop personal accountability by experiencing both success and failure, by ‘owning’ the things that go wrong, and learning from, and building on, the successful elements.  Our student leadership groups are selected based upon peer reviews; encouraging empathy and accountability not only to each other, but also to parents, faculty and staff.  Students are encouraged to be self-motivated, to step forward with ideas, and to follow through on commitments.

Throughout, Florida Prep students have access to dedicated Residential Deans, Teacher Help and an on-site Guidance Counselor.

All are skilled in dealing with adolescent behavior and ensuring a student’s focus remains firmly on academics.  

Due to Florida Prep’s small student body, this is often achieved through personal interactions that build an intimate knowledge of a student’s family, friends and general mindset. Mentorships are then forged that often last well beyond a student’s graduation from Florida Prep.

We also understand the development of self-discipline must be self-driven and often cannot be achieved through punishment.  Instead we follow a strategy of earned rewards, an example of which; straight ‘A’ students may remain in their dorm rooms during mandatory study periods, those requiring more oversight, or on academic hold, must attend a group session, overseen by our residential staff.

Disruptive behavior, of any kind, is also not tolerated, and comes with consequences and student accountability. However, those consequences often pale when students comprehend their mentors and followers are disappointed in them.

Our role at Florida Prep is to place our primary focus on your child’s academic success, through a structured program based upon clear goals and expectations. The development of self-discipline, leadership skills and accountability will flourish in tandem, and we believe all can be achieved and maintained at a high standard without the draconian rules and regulations attached to a military school.

We take the free-thinkers, capable of more, but requiring a little more structure, the square pegs, and the shy but academically motivated child and turn them into the leaders of tomorrow, prepared not only for college, but also for future success.  If your child may benefit from this approach contact us today to learn more. 

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