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According to Agatha Christie, if you look at a problem in an orderly and methodical way, you are guaranteed success. This is the approach we aim for with our method for learning Spanish online, meaning you will learn Spanish more easily than you first thought possible.

So what is the best method for learning Spanish online? Well actually, we don’t think there is a single correct way. Instead, we believe there are many options and the method or methods a student chooses will depend on their current needs.

We like to talk about dynamic learning. We refer here to learning characterised by constant change, where learning lives, grows, connects and extends beyond the limits of your online Spanish course. This means not only using Lengalia as an essential basis for understanding how the Spanish language works, but also watching films or videos in Spanish (internet or TV), listening to podcasts, reading books and doing an online language exchange with native speakers, etc.

At Lengalia we have created our own method for learning Spanish online on your own, and it is the opinions and constant feedback from our students that gives us the certainty that what we are doing, we are doing right. Why?

- Spanish is our speciality. With over 30 years' experience we have created and tested each of our exercises and resources to create logical, flexible and effective learning paths.  

- Our online Spanish courses take into account a variety of learning styles (visual, theoretical, logical, auditory, kinaesthetic, etc.) and emphasise relevant skills and knowledge.

Quantity: More than 2000 hours of learning, 24 courses divided into categories, 284 lessons, 32,878 exercises, 44,236 audios, 12,468 verb conjugations, 25,564 vocabulary terms, voice recorder, learning statistics, etc.

Autonomy: Our learning paths guide the learner to discover and do things on their own and at their own pace.

- The content of our courses allows the online learning process to be developed and personalised.

Flexibility, accessibility, dynamism and simplicity. Our online platform is as intuitive as it is attractive: it goes with you wherever you go, and you can use it on your mobile, computer or tablet.

- The techniques we offer at Lengalia are so versatile and effective that it doesn't matter whether you study for half an hour or two hours every day. You will always make progress in your learning.

- You will be able to learn not only the language, but also the linguistic and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America thanks to our podcasts and videos.

- You will be able to master the language in different contexts: for holidays and trips, in professional medical contexts, at meetings, in the office, etc.

"Two things contribute to progress: going faster than others, and going in the right direction". Of these two options proposed by Descartes, Lengalia has chosen to focus on the second: to move forward by going in the right direction. This doesn’t mean the shortest or the easiest option, but the path that allows you to steadily consolidate everything you learn.


• Set aside a set time every day for language learning. We recommend at least 10 minutes per day. It is more effective to study a little bit every day than to try to cram everything in once a week.

• Check your progress using your Individual Learning Statistics so you will know which aspects you should concentrate on.

• Do not try to learn everything at once. Set yourself realistic short term goals and achieve them at your own pace.

• Do not be afraid to get things wrong. We all learn from mistakes.

• Repeat what you have learned from time to time. 80% of what we forget is forgotten within 24 hours of learning it.

• Cultivate your patience and perseverance during the learning process.

• Lengalia will help you with your learning process, but the actual learning is an individual task. The final result is up to you.

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