University hospitality programs are increasing

 University hospitality programs are increasing and evolving as the industry changes.
Today’s students need a strong background in human resources, finance, globalization, green
strategies, technology, and service, and internships are highly recommended (Cannon, 2008).
Trends in menus are towards more healthfulness, globally divers flavors, and socially
ethical which includes more organic and environmentally friendly foods, humanely raised and
slaughtered animals, and sustainability( Menu Trends, 2008). Customers are demanding more
ethically produced foods, and food manufacturers are responding to their desires, taking
sustainability and ethical sourcing seriously (Pendrous, 2008).
Meeting planners are beginning to add an element of community service to many of the
conferences they plan that corresponds to company corporate social responsibility plans. Service
projects can be excellent and meaningful team building experiences and reinforce company core
competencies such as collaboration, communication, adaptability, leadership,

 and customer
service (Hall, 2008).
Don Fox (2008), CEO of Firehouse of America, LLC, recommends that restaurants hold
on to their regular customers, in these hard economic times, by maintaining the quality of
products and service without downgrading their identity. He believes that it is the loyal
customers who will allow restaurants to weather the storm.
Corporate Responsibility (Topic 11)
Lynn: Review of Hospitality Ethics Research in 2008
Published by ScholarWorks@UMass Amherst, 2010
Only four articles, all from trade journals, appeared in topic 11 as opposed to ten in 2007.
Carmen Baker was interviewed in two different trade journals after being named to the newly
created position of Vice President of Responsible Business at Carlson Hotels Worldwide. Baker,
the former V.P. of Diversity at Carlson Hotels, has been very familiar with the Carlson Code of
Ethics, the policy of inclusion, and community service through her previous position.

environmental sustainability piece is new for her but she explained that since it has been a focus
of Carlson Hotels for some time, she sees it as more of an “extension of the Carlson Hotels’
cultural responsibility of doing the right thing” (Katz, 2008; Kirby, 2008).
The Green message was the focus of the 2007 Business Travel Show. The message was
still strong at the 2008 Show, however, the corporate social responsibility issue of health and
safety was more prominent (Tilstone, 2008).
An audit of 150 companies across the wholesale catering supply chain to determine
compliance with their own environmental and ethical policies indicated that over half had not yet
put together environmental and ethical policies. Most did, however, understand that the source of
their products was a very important element to consider when developing corporate social
responsibility plans. Many customers are now desiring locally grown organic foods, and concern
with Fairtrade and animal rights has increased. Ethically sourced products can cost more, but the
industry needs to make the shift to ethically sourced products because it is the right thing to do
(Spellman, 2008).

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