Product marketing and advertising through juicing reproduction

 Product Marketing
1.12.1 Advertisement /Promotional Activities and Demand Creation
The marketing and promotional activities of fruit juice and related commodity groups are
crucial in increasing the demand for fruit juices. These activities include, but are not
limited to, promotion, advertising, new product development, and packaging innovations.
Pre-Feasibility Report Fruit Juice Manufacturing
December, 2016
Marketers adopt their strategies in accordance with specified consumer wants and needs. 

They also create product image and influence consumer purchases. Often, consumer
demands for processed food like juices are difficult to categorize. Consumers tend to
purchase products and services that cover a broad spectrum of price and value
combinations. Servicing the educated, nutritionally aware consumer who dwell in the
localities i.e. Defence, Clifton, Gulshan-e-Iqbal etc. in Karachi and same type of
consumer category in Lahore and other metro cities is a complex role which marketers
strive to master. In these types of areas people use to have a pure fruit juice at least once a
day, with an imported or prime local fruit juice. Similarly this market could be catered
through intensive marketing and promotion campaign on television or other sophisticated

 New product developments in conjunction with technological advancements have
improved the marketing of fruit juices like many other food items. Relatively recent
innovations appearing on supermarket shelves are single serving aseptically packaged
fruit juices, fruit roll-ups and fruit juice blends.
Marketing infrastructure, which includes refrigerated transportation facilities and the
composition of retail and wholesale markets, is correlated to the consumer demand for
high quality produce. Equipment that transports from the field to the supermarket, field
wrapping machines, improved cooling techniques, and temperature controlled
distribution centers have been developed to ensure the delivery of quality produce to
retail outlets.
It is also important to ensure that the product has a meaningful point of difference i.e.
sophisticated and healthy attractive packaging, less use of preservatives and clearly
mentioning of purity of the juice etc. Most new products fail in the market because they
are "me-too" products with no unique benefit (or attraction) for the consumer.
Generally for the fruit juice business advertising budget is around 3% of the Total
Revenue but for a small or medium scale unit, it may vary (on the higher side).
Billboards, Television, Radio, F.M Channels, and Newspapers are the conventional
mediums, which have been powerfully used for the promotion of fruit juice products.

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