Preface of iron steel industry

 The economic output of the steel industry sector totals £2.4 billion, 0.1% of
the UK economy and 1.2% of manufacturing output. The steel industry
supported 39,000 jobs in Great Britain in 2021.
Steel is an energy intensive industry which has seen energy costs increase
significantly recently, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The industry was
facing challenges prior to the recent increase in energy costs. A combination
of fierce international competition and high domestic costs has made many
UK steel plants struggle to be competitive in a global market. UK Steel –

industry body – says that “long-standing uncompetitive electricity prices
having constrained UK investment and steel production for some time.”
Decarbonisation of the steel industry is an important part of reaching the
Government’s target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the UK
by 2050. The steel industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas
emissions, responsible for 14.2% of greenhouse gas emissions from
manufacturing and 2.4% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.
This briefing pack provides background information on the UK steel industry’s
economic output and employment. It includes information on the challenges
faced by the industry and Government support for the sector on electricity
costs and decarbonisation.

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